About Me

FullSizeRenderMy name is Rhonda Crowdis Hardisty 
(aka: Nauna,  Aunt Nauna, Momma Crowdis, Mom, Momma Bear, Mrs. Crowdisty, Mrs. Hardisty)


Aunt of  too many to count, Great Aunt of 10, Sister of 6,  Daughter of 4, Mother of 3, Grandmother of 3, Step-mother of 2, Wife of 1.

Yes, my husband always gets the short end of the stick, but he graciously shares me with the rest of the family and typically jumps in to help out himself.


Currently a Behavior Intervention Specialists supporting general and special education students in an elementary setting. Former teacher in an elementary self-contained classroom teaching students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Former teacher in a high school special needs self-contained class, and before that a Family Consumer Science teacher. My teaching blog can be found at http://www.acrowdedclassroom.wordpress.com


Certified to teach EC-12 Special Ed, EC-6 Generalist, 4-8 English Language Arts & Reading, 6-12 Human Development & Family Studies, and 8-12 Family Consumer Science – Composite.

Graduate Academic Certification in Applied Behavior Analysis. Working on supervised hours toward Board Certification in Behavior Analysis.


In High School my hobby was writing. I still have all of my journals! Currently, my hobbies include scrapbooking, WordsWithFriends, and looking for the next big thing, whether that be my next degree or the big idea that is going to start a growing company and take my family to the next level.


AAS in Legal Studies, BA in Sociology & Criminal Justice, MA in Teaching, GACT in Applied Behavior Analysis, and 33 Graduate hours in Family Studies & Human Development. Trying to figure out which PhD to go after.


My Motto:

Give them the benefit of the doubt until they prove you wrong. In the Bible, Matthew 7:12 says “do to others what you would have them do to you.” In other words, treat people with the respect you would want them to give to you. They might learn from your example.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Rhonda so good to read such a sweet story. We will never forget the Bibb family and TCA. Tell Les hello and God bless you two as you continue your love together. Nolan and I will be married 49 years on March 9. Yes, time flies so enjoy each moment with each other.

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