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Our Calling is Always Near to Our Heart

115b2304832dbc579c4aa946e65f0f98This blog is the place where I come when I feel safe enough to share a piece of what is on my heart. I think that’s why I don’t come here often. For me, it is so much easier to ignore the things that I am not comfortable facing. It’s like when I was a teenager and changed lanes at the last minute when I realized my lane was not going the direction I needed to go, and in the process of that change I clipped the bumper of another vehicle: I didn’t stop. I just kept driving, thinking that they would somehow go away. They didn’t. They stayed right behind me until I pulled over. This is not the only time I have ever waited for something to go away, like the salesman at the front door ringing the bell. I know if I wait long enough, he will go away. Sometimes when someone asks me a questions I don’t want to answer, or maybe don’t know exactly how to respond to with a quick short answer, I wait for them to go away.  I just want them to stop waiting for a response. I think it’s a defense; if I ignore it, it will go away. Unfortunately, important things don’t go away. God’s call on your life, it doesn’t go away. It is always near, and ready for you to pick it up and act on it. It is near your heart and in your soul even if you don’t want it to be. I know that mine is connected to writing, but I like to think that since I’m not a great writer there is very little that God can do with my writing. There are so many other people who have powerful words to share; what I have is small in comparison. It’s almost embarrassing to consider myself a writer, even as a novice. I was once a sad lonely teen who wrote from the heart about a lot of things, but as I have grown older I have moved on to stuffing my feelings down rather than writing them out. Writing them out often made me cry, and I don’t like to cry. I don’t want to deal with them. I feel like they are better off left alone. No one gets hurt that way, let alone me. However, God is calling me to a purpose that can only be fulfilled by my listening to Him and his calling. He is always near and often calls my name followed by phrases like “read my word” or “just write what I say to your heart” or “I am in control of what happens when you follow my directions.” So, here I am writing.

What is your calling? What is near to your heart? What does God talk to you about?

The 5 minute writing prompt this Friday was “near”. Still connecting with Kate and the gang at 5 Minute Friday, even though this is more than 5 minutes and it’s already Saturday. Thanks for following along.


5 Minutes from the Heart: Write

slide11I get the feeling that I am supposed to write. Most of the time when I start to write I’m not sure that I have anything to say, but after a few keystrokes it just starts to flow and I just type and listen to what my heart has to share. Often I write and erase, write and erase again, even when I’m doing a 5 minute free write where the rule is to just write with no thought for where it is worth reading. The times that I just write from the heart are the times that I really say something worth hearing. These are the times when I go back to read it and don’t know where those words came from. Sometimes the phrases are quotes that I would frame and post if it came from someone else. However, since it’s my own writing I don’t take as much care to share it that way. I know that there are a lot of things in my heart and on my mind that people would appreciate hearing. So, I continue to step out of my comfort zone little by little and say a bit more each time. The words come from such a deep place in my heart that it can be difficult to get them out. It takes time in a quiet room, free of distractions other than my favorite songs playing softly on Pandora. Often, the most difficult part of writing can be finding that time and space just to begin. So, here I am writing for just 5 minutes the things that are on my heart and mind regarding the topic for today: “write”. Where would you write? What would you write about? What is on your heart to share?

Connecting again today with Five Minute Friday and Write 31 Days for 31 days of Five Minute Free Write Challenges during the month of October. We write on a given prompt for just 5 minutes without revision and pour out what’s on our heart. Won’t you join me?

5 Minutes from the Heart: Listen

40a417254dbfb048d3d24701e5a115a6--heart-quotes-bible-quotesMother Teresa says that listening is the beginning of prayer. Throughout the Bible, God says be still and listen. We all seek to find truth and answers in a variety of places in our lives, but we actually just need to be silent and wait for those answers to find us. God is waiting for us to listen so that He can give us the answers to life’s difficulties. He is always there, ready to direct us toward the very thing we are seeking. Listening takes silencing our selves, not just verbally, but also internally. Often our inner communication is stronger than our outer voice. We listen to ourselves make rationalizations and excuses for everything in our lives, when what we should be doing is listening to the truth that only comes from Him. What is it going to take for you and I to get silent and listen?

Connecting again today with Five Minute Friday and Write 31 Days for 31 days of Five Minute Free Write Challenges during the month of October. We write on a given prompt for just 5 minutes without revision and pour out what’s on our heart. Won’t you join me?

5 Minutes from the Heart: Hope

896e6af298f71c631956d3b120acda05--jeremiah---favorite-bible-versesA few years ago my best friend was going through a rough time, her career path had taken a difficult turn over and again, leaving her to struggle and raise her daughter in a manner that was not the level that she had fought her whole life to achieve. She had reinvented herself, relying on God to provide hope for her future, by getting her real estate license, then a few years later the mortgage industry went through a significant struggle and she yet again found herself going back to school. This time to become a classroom teacher. After getting her degree and teaching certification she worked as a substitute for two years before finally getting her big break and being offered a position as a second grade teacher. It was an exciting and scary time as we spent her birthday that year at the teacher store buying materials to decorate her room. As a gift I bought her an owl key chain with Jeremiah 29:11 inscribed on it, assuring her to God had a plan for her future. Four months later she passed away unexpectedly. Every time I see that verse I think of her and the hope she had that God was taking care of her and her family. God has not failed to care for her family and provide for them a future. Her legacy of hope lies in the heart of her daughter who will continue to take her mothers memory with her and will share it with her children. God gives a hope for a future that may not always be what we expect, but in the end will bring us closer to him.


5 Minutes from the Heart: Create

522d171b57ab75f123db71e966e47bfa--writing-quotes-text-quotesWe were all created for a reason, for a purpose, for a moment in time that we will be used by the one who created us. Some were created to teach, some to draw, some to write, some to heal, and others to encourage. There are so many different areas of hope. Each of us was given a gift, a desire within our heart to be something or do something. Whether this leads us to walk alone or lead a tribe is all in the lines we draw and the colors we keep within those lines or allow outside. Our purpose does not define us, but rather we define it. The way that we take that purpose and guide it though the twists and turns of life like a ribbon weaving through a braid of hair, it is up to each of us to determine where we are going to allow ourselves to take the next step, create the next pathway, walk into or out of the sunlight or the dark. We make those choices for ourselves. We have the ability to create our own path while God fills it with purpose and through the purpose shows us the moments for which we were created. When will your moment happen? When will mine? It depends on how you listen and when you act on that thing which is stirring in your heart, that thing for which you were created.

Connecting again today with Five Minute Friday and Write 31 Days for 31 days of Five Minute Free Write Challenges during the month of October. We write on a given prompt for just 5 minutes without revision and pour out what’s on our heart. Won’t you join me?

5 Minutes from the Heart: Tell

Write-31-Days-prompts-2017Linking the Five Minute Friday and Write 31 Days for the month of October. So, for today’s prompt, “tell”, I just want to tell you about the writing challenge and invite you to join me in writing just 5 minutes each day using the list of prompts attached.

I want you to know that God has given us each a story. Whether you think it is worthy of being heard is irrelevant. God has given you a story. Your life from the day you were born until the day that you leave this earth for heaven is your story. You were given that story, good or bad, happy or sad, to share with others. You were given a life filled with up and downs, things you are proud of and things of which you are ashamed. Every minute of every day is a story of how you made it though circumstances and opportunities to become the person God intended for you to be. He gave you light and wisdom, darkness and confusion, to support your choices and lead you through each day. Every step that you have taken whether forward or back has been a piece of your journey. So many people have been in those same places and believe that they are alone. They think that no one would understand or that no one would believe them. They do not know that they have a story that will support others on a similar journey until you use your voice and speak up for yourself, which is also a way of speaking up for them. This world is full of hurting people who are hiding behind a past that dims their light. Tell you story, shine your light, be a voice for the voiceless.

5 Minutes from the Heart: Worship

be567957528e84687badebce4412acea--worship-quotes-worship-godWorship is connection with our Creator and heavenly Father. It’s engaging with Him on a personal level in an effort to thank Him for all that He is and all that He means to us. Worship is recognizing from your heart that He is the Holy One. He is the Almighty God. It is falling into the open arms of our Savior and thanking Him just for being. It is accepting His invitation to come to Him unashamed of who we are and what we have done. It is access to Him and all that He wants for us. Worship is raising your arms to acknowledge Him for who He is. It is bowing our hearts and raising our heads in honor of Him who is all, has all, knows all, and yet still loves us with every part of it. It is acceptance of His wisdom and plan for us. It is believing that He who created all did not make a mistake when He created us. It is understanding that He loves every piece of us and seeks to show us how lovely we are even in the places where we only see ashes and dirt. Worship is His was of breathing life into us while we express our gratitude to Him for everything we are unworthy of receiving. Worship is relationship with God.

Connecting today with Five Minute Friday and Write 31 Days for 31 days of Five Minute Free Write Challenges during the month of October. Won’t you join me?

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