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5 Minutes from the Heart: Safe

822ce3305f783476cd8dc1d7b00946cfWe often think of God as our safe place, our refuge, our shelter in the storm, but isn’t he also the one who asks that we step out of our comfort zone to love Him and his people? Isn’t He the one who asks us to be brave and have a reckless faith? He asks us to believe in the unbelievable, and reach for the seemingly unattainable. He wants us to seek Him at all cost; to step out in faith, believing that He will do things that we feel unsafe asking Him to do. The Bible says in 2 Timothy 1:7 that he has not given us the Spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. This power in Him makes it safe for us to take steps without fear. His love gives us courage to accept those callings that our flesh feels danger in carrying out. A sound mind gives us clarity in understanding that while He is our safe place, our refuge and our shelter not only when we are sitting in our homes reading our Bibles, but even more so when we are walking out our faith in uneasy places. He keeps us safest where we are most vulnerable; where we share His love with others.

Linking with Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday, a time to write for just 5 minutes without editing. Today’s prompt is safe.


5 Minutes from the Heart: Path

Today’s topic for ‘s Five Minute Friday writing exercise is “Path”. The exercise is to write for 5 straight minutes without extreme editing; grammer corrections, spell check, etc. This is straight from the heart onto the page in just 5  minutes. So, here I go:

Start 7:11 PM

The path that I am on is lead by the Lord. He directs my path,

Well, as long as I allow Him to. Right?

So often I find myself asking the Lord to lead and direct me, but then I decide that I can’t wait for His response and need to chose a direction for myself before it’s too late to go that direction.

Silly, I know, but I’m sure I am not the only one who does this!

I feel like I am at a crossroads as I posted yesterday, but does the Lord see me at a crossroads? Does his path for me change directions at this point, or is that just my idea od the path I should be on.

It’s funny that this should be the topic today as I ponder this summer, just how to follow His path without making my own way prevail over His.

My Grandmother used to say that you make your own choices, but with His direction. She would say we have our own will, but prayer and study of the Bible will turn the light toward the direction He wants your path to take.

Stop! 7:16 PM

What’s on God’s heart?

As the end of the school year came to a close I began to think about where I wanted to be next year.

Did I want to be back at the same campus in the same job, just in a new classroom?

Did I want to take a position in another district that would cost me a months pay to make the move, not to mention changing insurance and other specifics?

Did I want to stay in the same district, but move to another low socio-economic demographic campus into a position where I could better use my skills in teaching EnglishLanguage Arts and Reading and still qualify for a forgiveness of my student loan after 3 more years?

Did I want to move to a higher socio-economic demographic and work on getting clock hours in a behavioral setting where I could qualify to take the BCBA test at the end of the year?

My answer would be a combination of the above, which has yet to become available. However, I have realized that it’s not what’s on my heart and mind that matter. It’s what’s on God‘s heart that I need to follow!

He knows where he wants me. He know who he wants to place in my path and who to place in my path along the way.

The last three years in Special Education Life Skills at Fossil Ridge High School have allowed me to learn from some wonderful Godly people, and I hope allowed yet others to learn from me.

God placed all of us together for His purpose, for what’s on His heart.

He knew that I would learn so much from the faith and circumstances of each person in our unit. He knew that there would be times for me to reach out and comfort someone, while still other times for someone to reach out and comfort me.

We each gave to others and we each took something away.

It has been a great learning process for me, and for others as well. I am thankful that God had it in his heart to place me in this place at this time.

I do feel like it is time for me to move on, as He is moving others on to other states, schools, campus’, and classrooms. However, it may not be. So, I  have decided that the route for me at this moment is to wait for God and listen to what’s on His heart for me. I know that what’s best for me is what’s on God’s heart.

How often do we all make decisions without consulting Him, and later wonder what we have gotten ourselves into? All too often, I’m sure. Let’s all take the next situation we face and give it to God! How will the outcome be different this time? I know I can’t wait to find out.

5 Minutes from the Heart: Expectation

Another 5 minute writing exercise in which I write for 5 minute without corrections and just share what’s on my hert. In conjunction with

11:13 AM – Start!

My husband and I are in a state of expectation at this point in our lives. Our youngest child has just gradauted from High School which opens up to ability for us to do things we have not been able to do forthe past few years.

First example, my husband previously communted to Oklahoma City from Fort Worth, Texas for his job in aviation. Almost 4 years ago, he came home to work in a lesser paying job that he does not love in order to see his children through high school. Now that phase i ntheir lives in over, it’s time to consider going back to work in Oklahoma.

A lot has changed since he was last in Oklahoma:

He lost his first wife to epilepsy

Re-married a high school friend

Added three daughters and two grand children

So, we spent two nights in Oklahoma viiting with family and old friends. We even visited his former job site. They welcomed him with open arms and wanted to know when he would return  to the job.

So, here we sit in expectation, waiting to see what God will have us do.

11:18 AM – Stop!

5 Minutes from the Heart: See

My daughter, Chailey’s, freehand doodling of eyes. She’s amazing! I wish she could see in herself what I see in her.

A blog I have recently started to follow is doing a Five Minute Friday exercise in conjunction with The purpose is to just write from the heart for 5 straight minutes on the topic “see”, no editing, no revisions, straight onto the paper and into print. I’m always up for a challenge, and I love the premise. So, here goes…

I just helped my daughters best friend write a college paper on the topic of perception. I have watched my daughters perception of things for a few years now and started to realize that even in my own life, my perception of things is not always correct.

Ok, need to focus here and write about seeing, not perception!

However, what we see is our perception.

When I see someone making a face in my direction, I see someone who does not like me.

When I see someone in nice clothes, I see someone better than me.

When I see someone sad, I see someone who needs my help.

What I see may not be true.

Someone looking my way, making a face, may not even know I am alive. They may not even be looking my way. They may be deep in thought. They may have just received bad news on the phone. They may have just broken a nail.

Someone in nice clothes may be wearing the only thing they own.

Someone who looks sad may be things on their mind that I cannot fathom, things with which I cannot assist. They may be fully capable of helping themself.

I often remind myself that the cries for help from my children are opportunities for them to grown and fin for themselves. I often see them as small children, when they are in fact adults.

Times up. Thank you for reading what’s on my heart.

Peaceful Heart

All too often I receive a call from one of my daughters, hysterical about something.

Most of the time it is for little more than her sister took her mascara, but on occasion it is something more; a car accident, an unpaid speeding ticket followed by another speeding ticket and the threat of a trip to the city jail, etc.

At this point, my heart stops every time my phone rings and one of their names is on the screen.

On days when there are multiple hysterical phone calls I seriously think I am going to have a heart attack!

As a mother, I really am thankful that they all feel safe enough to call me for every little thing going on in their lives. I love that after years of asking them to call me when they reach their destination or change plans, that they have finally learned how to call me.

However, there are times when I wish they would just handle things for themselves and call me after they have resolved the crisis.

When they were younger I had daily heart failure due to lack of phone calls from them. I just could not sleep or focus on my day unless I knew they were all safe and sound somewhere, even if they were not at home.

I know that God is in control in every one of these circumstances. There is no reason for me to ever fear what might be going on at the other end of the line when my daughters call me.

It’s just something I am going to have to work on.

Philippians 4: 6-7 says,

6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

My prayer today is that the peace of God which passes all understanding will guard their hearts and minds as well as mine. I will praise God for my children and their willingness to contact me in every situation. I will praise Him for being all that we need in every situation. I will remember that He is in control.

Do you need prayer in this same area of your life?

Fix My Heart

Lately I find myself irritated with others, thinking God really needs to do a work in them to correct their big flaws! Funny thing is, when I sit down to pray about it, I realize that I am the problem, not them. I need my flaws fixed! I need to sit down with God and ask forgiveness for being judgemental and expecting more from others than I expect from my self.

I have always claimed, “I am not a ‘fixer’. I have no intention of fixing anyone.” I love them just as God made them… until I don’t.

The truth is,  I AM a fixer!

I just don’t like to admit it. I want everyone to be all they can be. I want to help them get there any way that I can. The problem arrises when what I want for someone overshadows what they want for themselves, or what God wants for them. I guess I get a little excited and do more than listen and make suggestions, what’s worse, I might even get upset when my suggestions are not heeded.

I see this mostly in how I deal with close family such as my husband, siblings or children.

I realize now where this comes from. Apparently fixers breed fixers! My mother was a fixer, and still is. She has the biggest heart and wants to do and be everything for everyone. I am sure that is where I learned to be this way.

Yikes! My daughters are fixers too! Now, I am challenged with teaching them to be less pushy fixers than I was at their ages! Uh Oh!

As a fixer I have taken on various roles, such as “the nagger”, the “peace-maker”, and the “whiner”.

The “nagger” is the persona I took on early in my married life as a young twenty-something mother of three. My husband could not do anything right. I nagged him constantly. No wonder he would rather stay at a friend’s house than be home with his family. I constantly told him what he was doing wrong and how he could fix it. What a NAG!

The “peace-maker” is actually a persona I see in others more than in myself. They try so hard to fix things to keep the peace that they actually end up creating more problems in the long run. They cover up others faults to make things better, but in the long run those things have to come out and the lies that hid them create new problems.

The “whiner” is much like the nagger, but less obvious. The persona mumbles and complains under their breath. Nothing is ever good enough for a whiner, but they do not beat you over the head like a nagger. It’s more subtle, but can be just as intolerable.

As a fixer, I must first learn to pray for and fix MYSELF! I cannot do and be all to everyone. I just can’t! I can, however, do and be all that God directs me to be for whomever He directs me.

God has the power and the authority to fix us all, but rather than forcing us to conform to His ways, he gives us a choice. He gives us the tools and the direction, but He does not stand over us nagging us to change. He loves us more than we can imagine and yet He gently guides us. He does not get angry when we do not change as He would prefer. We should all follow this example of how our loving Father allows us to fix ourselves.

The way to be all that God has for me to be is to stop, look and listen!

STOP trying to make others who I think they should be,

LOOK at and meditate on the Word for wisdom, and

LISTEN to God for his direction.

I can do this.

Colossians 3 says, ” 14 And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness.15 And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.17 And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.”

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